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Duel Tournament +Promo Video, Red Team

Hello Darkspear. Red Team is hosting a duel tournament on 9/16/07 at 7 server time.

Ths isn't going to be your usual duel tournament. For starters, we're holding it in a place that resembles the hyperbolic time chamber from DBZ. We felt like it would add a fun atmosphere for the fighting. All participants will be summoned there by Maligned; we only ask that you meet us at Zul'Farrak. The tournament will be a round robin setup. Basically, everyone fights everyone, whoever finishes the night with the most wins is the victor. Should there be a tie, a quick duel will settle the score. The winner will receive an assortment of fun items including but not limited to deviate fish, snowballs, and wacky elixirs.

Aside from the fun of competitive dueling, we'd like this to be just as much as a training ground. Spec your favorite spec, try your craziest strats, and see what other players have to offer.

Not sure what to expect? The following video gives a general idea of where we'll be, and what it'll be like as well as some info about joining us in our antics.


We are looking to add some solid players to our roster. We've been around since February 05 and intend on continuing our theme of doing what we love best: World PvP, Town Raids, and DK's.
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